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High-Tech Village Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem, Israel

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About Us

Icebow builds proprietary, patent-pending technologies, for ice cubes and ice machines, that dramatically disrupt the multi-billion dollar ice industry, creating new ecosystems and introducing new business models. Icebow has filed for a number of patents, which are the foundation of Icebow Brands and Icebow Optimum.

Icebow was founded in August 2015 by Elad Mor.

About Us
Icebow Brands

Icebow Brands builds ice technologies that enable venues, brands and event owners to produce and serve colored and custom designed ice cubes (such as logos) by applying optical technologies on ice, using water only (no materials or additives) and standard commercial ice machines.


Promote your logo on ice
100% water only

Prototypes; logos used are for demonstration purposes only

No photoshop; ice cubes made of 100% water

Icebow Optimum designs new components for ice machines, offering a new spectrum of capabilities and significant improvements to the ice making process.


Icebow Optimum’s first product is Arktika-1. Arktika-1 is a patent-pending dry harvester module that will make ice machines at least 24% more energy efficient and increase production rates by at least 25%, saving your customers hundreds and thousands of dollars on their annual electricity bills.


By implementing Arktika-1, ice makers will be able to sell superior ice machines, introduce smaller-sized and new types of ice cubes (including with branded imprints) and better comply with new US regulations calling for a significant reduction in energy use.

Icebow Optimum
Make your ice machines 25% more energy efficient

Groundbreaking technologies for ice cubes and ice machines

Making Ice Cool Again

Prototypes; logos used are for demonstration purposes only; no photoshop; ice cubes made of 100% water
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